We’re seasoned professionals that bring experience in project management, environmental compliance, auditing, and training for small and large clients – and everyone in between. We’ve worked with a variety of government agencies, private corporations and small businesses. We’re used to managing multiple projects in various regions of the country and our team like approach ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. We’re nimble and agile, and with our experienced staff and partners, feel confidence in our ability to adapt to changes and get the job done.


We thrive in coordinating programmatic corporate support and management to staff through intensive training and technical assistance - both on site and off site.  Our proactive approach to each project includes providing project supervision and support up-front from the beginning - including environmental auditing, research, environmental compliance assistance, environmental and sustainability program development, EMS development and implementation, developing training programs, voluntary sustainability reporting, and mandatory environmental compliance reporting, to name a few.

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Gabrielle is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional with over 20 years of experience working in environmental sciences and project management. For 15 years, she was a leader in environmental programs and project management supporting the National Park Service. She was instrumental in creating, maintaining, and managing various programs including environmental audit and assessment programs, environmental training programs, sustainable business planning, and Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation. Her primary areas of expertise are project management, EMS training and auditing, environmental auditing and training, and other training programs for a variety of clients. Ms. McDonald has managed environmental programs for the NPS across all regions. She has managed, coordinated, planned and participated in over 150 environmental and safety audits (both onsite and virtually), conducted EMS evaluations, and provided technical assistance support to Park units throughout the regions including EMS education and workshops and audit finding closure guidance. Ms. McDonald has provided overall program support to the regions ensuring that staffing needs are met and Parks have the available resources needed to be successful with their environmental programs and compliance requirements set forth by the NPS. In addition to federal government projects, Gabrielle has managed private-sector industry clients including Tesla, Sundyne, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, Elly-Lily and others.