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About Mela EHS&S Services

Gabrielle Clay is an EHS&S professional with over 20 years of experience in federal and commercial sector environmental, health, safety, and sustainability programs. As owner of Mela Environmental Services, she is fully engaged with the development and delivery of all projects across both divisions of Mela. She has managed numerous projects and programs including safety and environmental audit and assessment programs, safety and environmental training programs, sustainable business planning and environmental management system (EMS) implementation, safety management systems, and quality control systems to name a few. Gabrielle is a formally trained instructional trainer, CSP and CPEA methodology trained and has led safety and environmental compliance programs and compliance-related projects since 2005. She has performed hundreds of safety and environmental compliance audits for federal and private clients both in-person and virtually. Ms. Clay is responsible for the development and implementation of environmental, health, safety and EMS programs for numerous clients, and has developed cutting edge environmental training programs and workshops.


Kevin Clay is the co-owner of Mela Environmental Services. With a financial auditing background from the automobile industry and a passion for the environment, education, and training, Mr. Clay prides himself on helping companies with everything from an environmental or safety audit to large group training camps to developing custom-designed, focused, environmental and safety training modules. Mr. Clay is CPEA methodology trained and has led safety and environmental compliance audits and training for over 5 years.

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